Posted July 23, 2014 03:23 pm - Updated July 23, 2014 03:24 pm

College football coaches have the claws out

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier's running battle with Clemson's Dabo Swinney has been among the series of coach catfights during the summer.

College football coaches are sniping at each other like eight-grade girls at lunch.

Maybe it's a sign they're ready for the season to start.

The recent set of media days involving the SEC, ACC and Big 12 have produced some catty moments. One of the latest involves Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher taking a shot at the Big 12 because it doesn't play a conference championship game.

Fisher implied that the Big 12 champion benefits from not having to play a title game.

Jimbo's somehow forgetting that since the Big 12 lost Colorado, Nebraska, Texas A&M and Missouri and eliminated a championship game after the 2010 season, a Big 12 team hasn't even made the national championship game. So in the three years since, no one can really claim it's helped the Big 12 champion not to play that extra game against a quality opponent.

Anyway, Baylor coach Art Briles suggested Fisher keep his thoughts about how the Big 12 should conduct business to himself. So did former FSU quarterback Clint Trickett, now at West Virginia.

Then there's the ongoing shots over the bow by Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops at Alabama and coach Nick Saban. When the Sooners routed the Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl, Stoops gleefully took shots at 'Bama and the SEC, suggesting that the notion that the league is the toughest in the land was "propaganda."

Earlier this week, Saban gave Stoops more material by suggesting he couldn't get his players motivated for what he called "a consolation game" in the Sugar Bowl, since they lost their chance to play FSU in the national championship game when Auburn won the regular-season finale with Chris Davis' "Kick Six."

That really set Stoops off.

At the Big 12 media event, Stoops fired off: “So if I’m not in a national championship game, that means I’ve got a built in excuse?"

Stoops also got in another jab at Saban and Bret Bilema trying to get the NCAA to pass rules to slow down the pace of games with the influx of no-huddle offenses, pointing out "all those geniuses can adapt to a faster pace."

Stoops also got a dig in at Texas A&M for its non-conference schedule.

And it wouldn't be an off-season without South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier and Clemson coach Dabo Swinney continuing their on-going rift.

Spurrier was right about one thing when he called the weeks leading up to the beginning of practice "Talking Season."

It all might make for mild entertainment as July winds into August. But it can't beat "Football Season."