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Jason Kelce contract could give hint of Alex Mack's worth


UPDATED: 12:30 p.m.

With one year left on his rookie contract, Philadelphia center Jason Kelce signed a six-year extension today.

Via Twitter, Adam Caplan reports the deal is worth $37.5 million, including $13 million guaranteed.

Does this set the market for Cleveland center Alex Mack? A little bit – I expect Mack to command more than that guaranteed figure.

Are the Jaguars willing to shell out that kind of money for Mack? Remains to be seen.

We’ll know soon after the March 11 open market signing period opens.

Mack, 28, remains the top center scheduled to hit the market, followed by Green Bay’s Evan Dietrich-Smith, Chicago’s Roberto Garza, San Francisco’s Jonathan Goodwin and New Orleans’ Brian De La Puente.

(UPDATE: Garza has reportedly re-signed with the Bears -- a one-year contract.)

All played more than 1,000 snaps for their teams in 2013.

The Jaguars figure to be in on Mack since their center spot is open after the retirement of Brad Meester.

What the Jaguars face: Do they allocate Offensive Line Free Agent Money on a top-flight guard early in free agency? My prediction is that they will.

But it would also behoove the Jaguars to at least reach out to Mack.

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450 points
Friday, February 28, 2014 @ 11:55 am
Premium Member

As is true in anything in life, you get what you pay for.

The Jags have plenty of Cap space and we desperately need a great Center and Guards. If I was the GM, I'd go after Mack and pay him--- a top tier Center is critical. Next, I'd pick up a top Guard and pass rusher in Free Agency and fill the rest of our holes in the draft.

Regarding A.J. Junglecat, he's a spread QB and really reminds me of Tim Tebow ----great spread college QB who will probably flame out in the NFL.

Jungle Cat
8694 points
Jungle Cat
Thursday, February 27, 2014 @ 10:59 pm

I believe that the Jaguars are committed to building a competitive football team through the NFL Draft.

To reach competitive strength requires a team to draft the best players available regardless of position.

Loose talk about paying through the nostrils for offensive linemen is a wanton idea. All it does is prove the point that we don't have talented players in the unit, and a lack of talent directly affects quarterback play. The only reason this is being advocated here is to dump Blaine Gabbert in favor of yet another first round selection at quarterback. To do that it's believed that requires skipping over elite-talents Jake Matthews and Taylor Lewan for a less talented quarterback prospect.

Before we launch into a rebuild of a rebuild of a rebuild, let's continue to acquire offensive linemen the right way. It's kind of hard for Jaguars' fans to get behind the idea when the terrific, flawless NFL Scouting Combine performances of Texas A&M OT Jake Matthews and Michigan OT Taylor Lewan have been filtrated out by the meddling media.

The information about Luke Joeckel in ankle rehab is more PR than prognosis. This is a offensive line that gave up fifty sacks in 2012 and fifty sacks in 2013. That's excluding pressures, one or two-yard QB rushes to avoid sacks, balls thrown deep into the bench area, and the infamous Chad Henne signature batted down forward pass attempt, where he takes one look at his awful pass protection breaking down and throw the ball at a pass rusher in disgust. This large amount of WASTE is a large part of our inability to win football games.

I like reading. I love looking at the phrase 'quarterback-driven league'. That fires me up! I love all the talk about this being SEC country. I like that Times Union smack about the SEC supremacy year in and year out. The SEC can beat the Jaguars is so confident a message that who can NOT love it. SEC on the Internet. SEC on the radio. SEC on television. I get it, big time!

If I want the best quarterback why NOT go to the best college conference? That's the SEC according to the sports writers here, no ifs ands or buts. What's all this Bridgewater Smidgewater stuff? He de-committed from playing SEC football at LSU. This Johnny Manziel is good, but he's just another guy.

But I want the best SEC quarterback. I'm going to the best football team in the SEC and pick the best quarterback in the SEC hands down. That's two-time national champion A.J. McCarron of Alabama.

How do you like that?

Take Jake! Take A.J.

Go Jaguars, Go!