Posted February 25, 2014 08:16 am - Updated February 26, 2014 10:53 pm

Dave Caldwell says Jaguars don't want to be on HBO's "Hard Knocks''

The Jaguars would seem to be a good fit for the “Hard Knocks’’ training camp show on HBO.

Coach Gus Bradley’s upbeat personality would likely make for good television, especially his talks with the team.  And it would showcase the Jaguars.

But don’t look for them to be on this year. General manager Dave Caldwell says they are not interested.

In an interview on NBCSN, Caldwell said, “That’s a good question. Our reaction would be that we would try to defer.’’

He said it wouldn’t be an ideal situation for the Jaguars.

“We take a lot of pride in our culture and we’re very particular on who we bring into this organization. So we’ve been able to build a lot of trust from our coaching staff to our players and they know, our players know we have their best interests at heart. It’s hard to build trust with cameras omnipresence,’’ Caldwell said.

It’s not really that hard because NFL Films is careful not to show anything the team doesn’t want shown.

The Jaguars are one of eight teams that could be ordered to appear on the show.

The NFL has new guidelines, exempting teams that have appeared in the playoffs the last two years, have new coaches or have appeared on the show in the last decade.

The other seven teams besides the Jaguars that aren’t exempt are the Bears, Bills, Cardinals, Giants, Raiders, Rams and Steelers.

Even if the Jaguars wanted to do it, the NFL would probably prefer a high profile team like the Bears, Giants or Steelers on the show.

There’s also the chance that one of the eight teams will volunteer or that one of the 24 exempt teams will.

But with the Jaguars, a small market team, opposed to the idea, they don’t figure to be on.

The league would prefer to have a team volunteer for the assignment. Last year, Cincinnati agreed to do the show for the second time after the 49ers, Falcons, Seahawks, Texans and Redskins all declined.

The Jaguars appeared on a version of the show in 2004 that appeared on the NFL Network and was called “Inside Training Camp: Jaguars summer.’’

The show started in 2001 featuring the Ravens. Dallas was on the next year and the Jaguars did the NFL Network version in 2004. It then resumed in 2007 with the Chiefs and Dallas was on again in 2008, followed by the Bengals, Jets and Dolphins and then the Bengals again.

The NFL announced last year it has signed a multi-year deal with HBO to continue the show and then set up the current guidelines.