The Clay County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an alleged incident involving the husband of School Board Chairwoman Carol Studdard and a longtime opponent Monday night following an emergency County Commission meeting discussing the board’s lawsuit against the panel.


Stanley F. Pfenning, 51, told deputies he was in the hallway video-recording people leaving the commission chamber when James Studdard, 74, pushed the camera into him. Pfenning said that caused him to stumble backward and fall onto a row of chairs lining the wall causing pain in his back from a old injury. The touch screen cracked on the video camera, valued at $300, according to Pfenning’s statement to deputies.

“I never put my hands on any of them, and I don’t have any intention to,” Pfenning, a write-in candidate for the County Commission told the Times-Union on Tuesday.

Studdard told the Times-Union that he hadn’t been contacted by any police authority and had “no knowledge of any accusations or anything that might be pending against me.”

“I have a feeling these charges are completely unfounded,” said Studdard, adding that Pfenning has no credibility.

Pfenning has an ongoing public dispute with the Studdards stemming from clashes at School Board meetings.

Mary Justino, Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman, said the agency is interviewing everyone they know who either was a party to the incident or witnessed it. They also will be viewing Pfenning’s recorded video. The State Attorney’s Office likely will review the information from the investigation before any decision is made regarding potential charges, she said.


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