Carrie Underwood has some explaining to do when she gets home.


The country star lives in the Nashville area, home to the NFL’s Tennessee Titans. But Saturday night she sported a Jaguars jersey as she played at EverBank Field. And, as any football fan knows, the Titans and the Jaguars don’t get along very well.

To be fair, she was there as a guest of the Jaguars, there to break in the massive new video boards at either end of the stadium. And the team did provide her with a Jacksonville jersey with her name on it, so it would have been kind of impolite of her not to wear it.

She played on what surely must be the smallest stage she’s been on since her “American Idol” days, set up on the 30-yard line of the field, which still bore the markings from a soccer match played earlier in the evening. A thousand or so fans were on the field and tens of thousands more watched from their seats.

“We’ve never done anything like this before,” Underwood said between songs. “We’re so excited to be hanging out here on the field.”

A quarter of the crowd or so, including all of those in the north end zone, were seated behind the stage. But the entire concert was shown on the video screens, giving those fans a view that was at least as good as the people on the field had.

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The setup left the sound a little thin, since it was all forced through speakers rolled out onto the field. There were also no spotlights like you’d see at most concerts — there were footlights around the stage and the video screens threw so much light on the field it was like daylight at times.

Underwood commented about the “ginormous” screens, pointing out that she’d never realized what a terrible dancer she is or what goofy facial expressions she makes when she sings. “I’m concerned about the sweaty hair thing, too,” she said.

This was her third show in Jacksonville since 2010, and she’s matured as a singer, adding a rock ’n’ roll growl to some of her songs that wasn’t there before. She can still hit those pure, sweet notes that go on forever, of course.

She played 18 songs in about 80 minutes, running through all of her favorites. She alternates between country (“Jesus Take the Wheel,” “All American Girl”) and some flat-out rockers (“Undo It,” “Two Black Cadillacs,” “Last Name”) and has a band that can keep up with her. One new song, the patriotic “Keep Us Safe,” was a pretty showcase for her voice.



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